Ready. Set. Craft!

Red Bird limited edition print below.
Happy orangey-red weekend everyone!


Hooray for dancing around the maypole! Can't get enough of that dancing round the maypole thing. Excellent. Holding brightly coloured ribbons and dancing with little fairies and elves to the sound of wandering musicians was a good start to the weekend. We're kinda wishing maypole dancing could come our way a little more frequently.

It was an intimate little gathering for our May GIVEAWAY, our "winner" is... NUALA! Thanks for your comments, thanks for playing the giveaway game. Thank you to itsalljustmenagerie for adding Neptune's Partay to this sparkling little gem of an Etsy treasury yesterday.


"Mama, I want a knitting thing."
"I can see you really like the look of that knitting thing but I think you might find it a little difficult to use. Maybe when you get a little bigger" (fatal error in argument)
"I am
already big! I'm a big boy."
"Yes, umm..."
"Mama, I want a knitting thing!"

And so forth

When I was little we were given a wooden spool with 4 small nails in the top, some wool and another nail to pull the wool over. Charming and simple, also effective. Due to an inability to think well on my feet in the yarn store we now have this.

To make matters worse, instead of my knitting project of the moment, I am the one left sitting on the couch using the knitting thing while he is off doing something else! Ridiculous. I dislike this knitting thing-a-ding.

Jumping on the blossom picture bandwagon. They just beg to be photographed and they're so forgiving, they even look good on my camera! The garden is becoming overwhelmed by violets but I like them so I am being a total pushover (which is probably just as well - they're pretty hard to get rid of!) We're making use of this bounty as dear table companions at mealtimes and, teamed with forget-me-nots (which I love so much) they're just perfect as a wee person-sized posy for a neighbourhood friend, don't you think?

I had to start a spring cotton hat for my little one and I had to sit under the tree to do it this morning. The sky was blue (yes!) as was the yarn and there were little blue flowers that weren't forget-me-nots but that looked like forget-me-nots. Happily we also have flowers that look like forget-me-nots which are forget-me-nots. I never get tired of these. I am also loving very much the huge swath of Lily of the Valley along the path to our house - yes, spring is most assuredly with us.


Neptune's Partay

Your comments were excellent last month - a lot of fun to read. I like the idea of an interactive giveaway - you pick the theme, I make the picture. Might be I'd land myself in a whole world of troublesville as far as deadlines go but we'll see. I'll have to get my thinking cap on and work out how that idea might go. In the meantime here is the GIVEAWAY print for the fair month of May.

Leave me a comment, say howdy! Draw date: 25 May