Hey guys! Thanks for your comments and warm wishes for 2009 - this year will be a fantastic one for sure!
We are having a wonderful holiday (so wonderful that we have decided to extend our stay), the weather has been treating us very nicely and I am happily rediscovering that this place rocks! Home really is very lovely, very green and very clean and yes, Anne, all this mood enhancing sunshine is making us feel chirpy and healthy and turning our wan North American skin a lovely biscuit brown.

I'm delighted to announce that Miriam, Martin and their infamous chair collection will be finding their way to Ann and Sam - hope you both enjoy your new friends and congratulations!
You'll notice that stock in my Etsy store needs a bit of "fleshing out" as it were. I hope to do a bit of art stuff while I am over here - lots to inspire - and to restock upon my return.