Some of my prints will soon be available at the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland of all places! The lovely ladies that run the show also have a cool blog:

Our Spring weather of late has left me feeling rather cross, we've had day after day of grey. Today however, looks like this! So I'm gonna go and get me some...


Off to mail my contribution to Amy's PikaPackage Project, but it looks like rain!

The Pikapackage is a neat giveaway of a selection of artful goodies; if your haven't heard the word and you're feeling curious, check out www.pikaland.com


Back in April (before this blog was born), Erik Maldre was nice enough to feature me in his blog, etsyart.com. Every weekday, his blog shares an interesting, thought-provoking piece of artwork found on Etsy. The piece Erik chose was "Day in, Day Out" and when I created it I was thinking about how repetitive life can feel a lot of the time. Even when the exciting things come along there is always the "bread and butter" of our daily existance. This is not necessarily a negative thing, it has certainly come into sharp focus now that I have a child where daily rhythms and continuity are so vital for psychological wellbeing.

If viewed from a great distance, even the most action-packed life has a basic form and direction that is common to all lives.

"Before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water.
After enlightnement, chopping wood, carrying water" and so forth...

Below are some things I really like in Erik's shop, artis3letters.etsy.com


Here's a little thingy I did for a zukzuk card. Clearly a big shout goes out to the late Richard Scarry for all his fabulousness and his banana car which provided the inspiration.

Of equal note are the apple, crayon and pencil cars but in our house nothing beats the banana car. It is so very popular that requests for them occur daily. Above is a version in ink as opposed to the usual crayon!

Oh, to live in a magical Scarry world...