Etsy is a very fine place... To spend all your money! Some stores are real favourites. Above is a selection run by super people that I have purchased from and we have been loving our treasures ever since.

From the top:

This is a Waldorfy selection. I'm kinda Waldorfy, as opposed to being kinda Walmarty - I went to a Waldorf school for a while when I was wee and my son attends one now. It's such an awesome school that some days I want to go just as much as he does!


Yeah baby, it's you! Send me a message and let me know which "We are Strong" print you'd prefer Stephanie and thanks for playing everyone. Another Giveaway in October. Can you believe it, nearly October already? Crikey.


Lovey Dovey - Limited edition print.
Available in ye olde Etsy store now!

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September Giveaway:
Your choice of either "We are Strong" in Autumnal hues or rainbow ones. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is which.
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*This Giveaway game is now over. Congratulations Stephanie B!


Yay! Finished! This is one of a bunch of banners that will be put up on lamp posts in my 'hood. It's okay small - I hope it won't look too pixely at 5 feet by 2 feet!

Happy September everyone!