Please excuse all this spotty blogging! My excuse? Being on holiday for a couple of months in the South Pacific. It's a hard life...

If I had a wire thingy to connect my camera to this computer thingy I could send you a picture. I'll try to get that sorted. In the meantime the giveaway print for January is "Martin's Chair Collection."

Say "hi" and win yourself some chairs and fowl.

And, Happy 2009!!!


L y s a, for you, some "Birdland" goodness! I like the giveaway and I don't 'cos I want everyone to win! I love that you all stop by my little blog and say "hello." Thank you, it's always awesome to hear from you.


Ta daaaaaa! Can you see it?!!

I got me a copy of the latest Canadian House and Home magazine so that I could be all overcome by my little Birdabies in print. It's a small thing but it makes me feel chirpy.


Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Zip on over to the Amnesty International site and take a peek at the amazing results when we fight for human rights for all.

If you're anything like me today, sitting at a computer (possibly eating a piece of chocolate) you can be pretty grateful, we've got it good as compared to many in the world. I get a bit teary when I think about how we humans function, at one moment with such gentleness and kindness and then in another moment with such violence. Even in our own lives we can be so hostile with the one who is most important to us - ourselves. Especially today and especially at this time of the year, I hope we can remember to be gentle and kind.

Snowmen Christmas card by gigiphillips

In other news, Arren Williams, a freelance stylist, editor and trend reporter, was kind enough to give me a nice post over on his Design Lab blog on Monday. Apparently my work is "storybook cool." How do you like that!! I'll have to remember that one. For those of you in Canada, you might like to grab yourselves a copy of the January edition of Canadian House and Home and take a peek at the bit about Arren. And, this is for you, mum - I believe there is a little picture of my "Birdabies" print in that piece. Wheeeee!

Birdabies goes out and about in the world and gets itself all famous.

Don't forget to play the GIVEAWAY game below, I'll be drawing a name out of the hat thingy in just a few days time. Details in the post below.