"Mama, I want a knitting thing."
"I can see you really like the look of that knitting thing but I think you might find it a little difficult to use. Maybe when you get a little bigger" (fatal error in argument)
"I am
already big! I'm a big boy."
"Yes, umm..."
"Mama, I want a knitting thing!"

And so forth

When I was little we were given a wooden spool with 4 small nails in the top, some wool and another nail to pull the wool over. Charming and simple, also effective. Due to an inability to think well on my feet in the yarn store we now have this.

To make matters worse, instead of my knitting project of the moment, I am the one left sitting on the couch using the knitting thing while he is off doing something else! Ridiculous. I dislike this knitting thing-a-ding.

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Anonymous said...

i remember the spool knitters from my childhood ... don't know how i wasn't injured with it ... i got stabbed with a regular knitting needle, sewing needles and pins, and many other household items ... maybe that's why i've got crafting in my blood (sorry, bad joke!)
But this looks safer and maybe easier to use ... and can be set aside safely ... (hint, hint?)