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There are some plants in Montreal...
I was thinking today as I was having a look at another blog, that blogging seems to come to some very easily, me not so much. I can see that it's a really useful tool and certainly everyone seems to have one (or two, or three... ) but I always feel like a bit of an egg when I blog. Maybe it'll just be my "blegg" from now on.*

*Geeez. See what I mean?


Nice eh? I've had my eye on these for a while, they remind my of kina (sea urchin) from back home. They are from Element Clay Studio.

I have a bear problem. I have some bears but I can't seem to decide what kind of bears they will be. They are most definitely lovely bears but are they also golden bears? Endangered bears? Magical bears? Hmmm...


The first time I remember flying above the clouds I was eight years old. We left a grumpy, grey day below but above the clouds I couldn't believe what I saw -- an enchanting world of blue, white and gold -- a beautiful, sunny day! I guess I've had a bit of a thing for that cloudy realm ever since, not in a religious sense, I just think it would make for a lovely place to hang out from time to time.

I thought these colours were kind of funky and upbeat. It all came out a bit "care bears" in the end but I stand by my choice!


What jaunty little hats! If I were to own one, I think I'd be just as happy to admire it as an ornament as to use it as an article of clothing. From Dadaya.


It seems that everyone's number one way of being earth-friendly these days is taming the evil plastic bag.

So, our consumerism is encouraged, we stock our environment friendly Walmart tote* to the max with stuff produced in sweatshops and packaged in non-recyclable plastic, but it's okay because we're not using a plastic bag! What the? While our attention is focussed on things like plastic bags, "big business" continues to commit terrible environmental atrocities on a daily basis, how convenient.

Here's someone else (Joshua Allen -- street artist) 'taming the bag' but in a most ingenious way.

* yes, Walmart has jumped on the green bandwagon and it now produces it's own "earth friendly" tote. Can you imagine?

Thanks, Heather for showing me this!

Yeah, well I wish I had done these myself. Check out the work by littlebirdesigns -- stunning stuff!


A celebration of all parts of the journey but especially the vintage years!

Images of perfect youth abound so I wanted to create something that acknowledged the grandeur of those grand in years.

My mother would tell me that it's all very well discussing old age in rosey terms from the advantageous position of being in one's 30's but it is my hope that one day I get to be old and fabulously bold at that!

Certainly in many other cultures older people get to hold a privileged position in society and their thoughts and presence are revered. By respecting our elderly there is a good chance that we will in turn be respected and if not, well, we can always be old and bold!


I really like these. These are cool!
The Toronto Craft Alert blog has a nice interview with the artist, Julie Moon and more images of her work are available at www.juliemoon.ca