Yeah baby, it's you! Send me a message and let me know which "We are Strong" print you'd prefer Stephanie and thanks for playing everyone. Another Giveaway in October. Can you believe it, nearly October already? Crikey.


zukzuk said...

Wow. Unbelievable how much this image clashes with my banner...

zukzuk said...

I just realized I'm talking to myself again. How am I letting this happen?

Stephanie B said...

I am so excited!
And your comment about the banner is funny - the announcement sort of reminds me of the trees from the masked bear print I got from you.
Now I just need to decide which one I love more - will let you know soon :-)
Thank you!

zukzuk said...

Great! Thanks for making contact Stephanie. Just take your time, you can let me know via email:

hellozukzuk[!AT]yahoo.ca and don't forget to include the mailing address you'd like your print sent to!