Etsy is a very fine place... To spend all your money! Some stores are real favourites. Above is a selection run by super people that I have purchased from and we have been loving our treasures ever since.

From the top:

This is a Waldorfy selection. I'm kinda Waldorfy, as opposed to being kinda Walmarty - I went to a Waldorf school for a while when I was wee and my son attends one now. It's such an awesome school that some days I want to go just as much as he does!


Sarajessica said...

Oh, such wonderful things, love the rainbow-setup...hm...now I need to get me some kids. :D

eralamaga said...

They are so beautiful!!! My daughters went to waldorf school too, and now i miss those things so much!! i need to bring it back to my life!!!

martinia said...

Nice work !! Love it for simplicity you have been made.