This is not what it looked like today. This is last week. Today looked all grey like THIS. Now all these trees are, according to my son, "naked" and they've gone and left their fricking clothes all over my everywhere!! Grrrr.

eeeeeeEEEEK! I missed my own GIVEAWAY! For shame. Is it the 16th today? Yes, I think it is.

Oh well, without further ado: is there an Elizabeth Sullivan out there in the audience? Would Elizabeth please come up to the stage? We have some wee bears and YOU are their new mummy!

Thank you all for participating in the monthly giveaway and thank you to those who sent me emails. As always, I wish we could have an Oprah moment where they'd be bears under everyone's chairs!

Here are some new bears in the works. Yep, it's all gone to bear around here! All bears, all the time.

In other news, I have been strutting around feeling very powerful of late and the reason? I have birthed my first sock!

I'm going to have to show you a picture of it soon, just as soon as I can figure out a flattering way to photograph it... I know, I know, the anticipation is... is... Not there. But I'm going to show you anyway.

Beautiful people, have a wonderful week!


Molly said...

Yay, congratulations to Elizabeth! Let me get this right - you just began knitting recently, and you've already borne a sock?? So much talent in two hands! I am still somehow afraid to knit one. I should take the leap.
I can't wait for all bears, all the time. I love the bears.
Thanks for offering the giveaway, it was fun to see everybody's comments and count down to the draw (yes, I am that lame.) :)
Best! Molly

zukzuk said...

Molly = not lame.

lame = missing one's own blog giveaway draw, complaining about nature returning nutrient rich leaves back to the earth and birthing a sock which looks like it would fit the hoof of a mythological creature.

raining sheep said...

I am dying to see the sock...I am so proud of you!!

littlebird said...

Who knew you could "birth" a sock!
well done !!
I have a friend who is knitting her first, and i fear last, pair of sock right now. They have taken 3 years to complete!!