I'm pretty happy.

I now get to put my knitting in this styling knitting bag from Sew Bendy instead of ye olde crumbling plastic bag. Melissa and Jenn at Sew Bendy are exceptionally friendly and professional and my bag, a "knit tuck," (I think they might be fans of the show) has a little pocket for DPNs and a snap loop for the yarn to
feed through. The design of the handle means you can slip it over your wrist and knit in a department store while swaying to muzak and feigning interest in the toy section. I truly think this bag is improving my knitting maybe even my life!

I hereby dedicate these socks to Raina from Raining Sheep. If it weren't for you, Raina, I'd still be on the other side of the fence, the side without wool, where you think knitting is for people that don't get out enough.

And as promised, some socks. They're my second and third borns. Yes, they're pretty rugged looking but it's winter so they can be 'boot socks'! I can hear you wondering what my problem is, c'mon, admit it you're thinking 'life's too short, why would I knit a sock?' but I'll have you know it's pretty satisfying. They knit up quickly, self striping yarn is AMAZING and you can think about all those knitters from da olden days knitting up socks through necessity in front of the fire or wherever it was they did a spot of knitting.

Old Breton woman knitting - Image from a vintage postcard
Check out those knitting hands!

This yarn, "Holly" is a bit festive but in retrospect maybe not quite bright enough. I promised Rosemoo fuggly sock pictures if she would show me her great hat knitted up in some of Rivulettecraft's beautiful, popping bright yarn. So Rosemoo, ta daa!

I really had better get some of this. It is too beautiful.

And speaking of Rivulettecraft, I received my delectable glass bead from her the other day. It's wonderful and I'm very pleased but I had to laugh when I saw the size of the box that it arrived in...

Lovely, lovely handmade glass bead from Rivulettecraft.


Crafty Red Fox said...

Lovely bag! I'm watching the snow pile up like mad outside and it's making my hands itch for the needles. So peaceful to sit by the window with a cup of tea and some knitting. I commend you for doing socks I did one pair with the self striping wool and although they were beautiful I swore NEVER AGAIN! bcuz it took sooooo long. I'm a scarf and toque gal.
Happy knittin' & purlin'!

Rose said...

Yay for fugly socks! Beautiful! It's the next knitting frontier that I want to conquer. :D


Lysa said...

Love the socks. I don't think I can crochet socks...hmmm.
LOVE the Buddah Bead.

Lidia said...

Ooh! So many exciting things to comment on! First off, congratulations on the socks! They look great! Second, I LOVE all the yarny pictures! They're beautiful!!!

raining sheep said...

I am so proud of you (a little tear falls!) The self striping yarn is THE best invention ever. You can make all kinds of jolly socks. Yours look like they are coming along very well. I love your thick ones; those would be perfect for Ugg boots, if you wear socks in your Uggs that is...I don't; the beauty of Ugg boots is you just slip them on bare feet - of course that means you have to buy a new pair every year :)

littlebird said...

Oh i do like that bag... hmmm might put one in my mum's christmas stocking. My mum, my friend Christine and i have a tiny wee stitch 'n bitch session every thursday feel free to drop in!! he he

Anonymous said...

oh, you're making me blush! thank you, helen.

Callie Grayson said...

Love that bag! I need one for my yarn, standing on the "L" with a plastic bag is not good. And this bag would be perfect!!
thanks for sharing your great buy