GIVEAWAY - The Draw!

We have a name! And the name is GENEVIÈVE BRODEUR! Congratulations Geneviève, some weird hair coming your way...
Thank you to all for your participation. I visited each blog (for those that had them) and had a delectable little nosey. So many different lives and passions and voices and yet a common thread running through: the desire to connect and share with others.

I'm getting into this giveaway vibe - another in November.

And on the topic of giveaways... more giveaways! This time over at the Pikaland illustration blog. My work, along with a tonne of work by people way more talented than me, is winable or failing that, buyable from Amy, the hardworking blogger gal of Pikaland. Have a look, lot's of pretties.

Magic Blossom Bears - Limited Edition Print (LARGE)

What can I say? People like pink for little girls. I guess we feel more comfortable when we can instantly identify someone's gender. Been to a big chain toy store lately? They are so helpful. Head for the excruciating neon pink aisle to the left if you are after something for your sweet wee girl. Head for the miniature military-industrial complex to the right for your tough little guy. Thank you and have a nice day.


After a bunch of requests, I'm going to be making a series of Larger prints for ye olde Etsy shoppe. The poorly shot image below (it was cold and I didn't want to hang around outside!) shows the regular size and the new large size for comparison.

Bear Hug Green - Limited Edition Print (LARGE)

I Run to you - Limited Edition Print (LARGE)


mayaluna said...

Love these new large sizes!

Anonymous said...

me too, this is so exciting!

Linda said...

oh good. i was thinking i wanted a larger one too!

sol y sombra creations said...

Thank you for turning me on to Pikaland!
I am tagging you to share 7 random things about yourself..go to blog to see what i mean:)

raining sheep said...

I like the larger sizes...Love the dancing bears in the bottom print - really happy colors.