Fireball. Some photographic goodness from Maine Momma

My, time flies when you are doing exciting things like sorting through all your... crap! The house I live in is being purged. I'm not fond of clutter and yet it comes, gently, quietly like drifts of sand or dust or something and you're like, "how the hell did it get this bad?!" And so, I haven't been very good at posting for the last couple of weeks, how could I when on top of all the decluttering there have been so many great blogs to check out? It has been fun times reading all your comments from the GIVEAWAY below, it's always a delight to check out the stuff you get up to through your blogs.

I feel honoured to have received some bloggy awards since I started a-bloggin' from Mayamade, Little Bird and Fancy Picnic. If by some strange twist of fate you are unfamiliar with these rocking ladies go take a peek; they all make very different things, they are all creative wonders!

Mayamade goodness

Littlebird goodness

Fancy picnic goodness

Instead of passing on these awards to others, I'd like to say "thanks" to all the creative people I have been lucky enough to make virtual aquaintance with since I started to blog; you've been supportive, genuine and inspiring. So, on the topic of women and creativity I'd like to share this short trailer for your benefit and inspiration. It comes via, you guessed it, another fantastic, creative women's blog (Maine Momma)*, I look forward to seeing the whole documentary when it comes our way. It is being released in the states this month.


*You need to definitely, definitely check out Maine Momma's Flickr photostream, it's beautiful.


kristin said...

wow thank you for the link. i am so glad you enjoy my blog adn find inspiation in it too. thank you so much

kristin aka mainemomma

raining sheep said...

Hi Helen, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I love kristin's photography as well...it is stunning. She definitely is my inspiration. I have been decluttering as well...I always seem to do that when I get stressed or agitated...I need emptiness around me.

'fancypicnic' said...

Wow.Off to check on that photostream now!

xx ps - thanks for the comment - of course it's no problem...and thank you ! (I sound so polite, don't I?!)

mayaluna said...

Thank you so much...you know how I feel about you and your amazing work! This video was really inspiring...looking forward to the full length version. I'm off to check on Fancy Picnic and Little Bird. I'm already a big fan of Kristin's. She's pretty incredible.