One of my most pleasurable memories from childhood was hunting for wild chocolate eggs on Easter m
orning. I'm guessing my parents (I suspect mostly my mother) rose super early and hid them all over the garden but maybe it was the Easter bunny, we never really discussed it. Finding something as wondrous as a brightly coloured foil wrapped chocolate egg amongst the everyday greenery is a truly special moment in one's life.

I also remember being highly enamoured with a juicy fruit gum advertisement where a bunch of kids come across this fantastic tree that seems to be fruiting the advertisers gum; somehow that was way cooler than an actual fruit tree, go figure. I don't even really like or understand gum but that advertisement left a magical impression.

Treasure Tree Hand finished in Watercolour, edition of 10.

We took a little trip to the Island the other day...


Julie Alvarez said...

Hello, Hellen!
The package with the lovely print arrived today. Thank you so much! It is so pretty and colorful and full of joy! I love it. And so do my husband and daughter. We will be hanging it in the middle of the living room..!
(It was completely safe and without any bending or wrinkles, don't worry.)
I'll be posting about it later. I'll let you know.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Loved your blog. Such pretty pictures. Will be back again.

littlebird said...

oooooh love those hand finished prints, such lovely colours!