My cup runneth over! This nifty oven arrived in my mailbox the other day. Created by the extreme talent of littlebirdesigns over in Scotland who managed to pull my name out of a hat during her recent blog giveaway.

In other news, I struck up a lovely friendship with a fellow Etsian in Denmark and she sent me a box full of goodies; a beautiful Waldorf inspired doll and a treasure of earrings and she made them all herself!

There's a lot that separates those who can photograph things from those who cannot as evidenced below, I had a nice idea but managed to make a complete hash of it. Oh dear!

So, what to do with this overspilling of goodness? Amnesty International to the rescue!


raining sheep said...

Cute earrings. I love the green beads. They look like they could be glass or crystal...in any case they are so colorful. Hopefully no little bird will nibble them off that branch :)


Love those earrings.