I was thinking today as I was having a look at another blog, that blogging seems to come to some very easily, me not so much. I can see that it's a really useful tool and certainly everyone seems to have one (or two, or three... ) but I always feel like a bit of an egg when I blog. Maybe it'll just be my "blegg" from now on.*

*Geeez. See what I mean?


Francesca said...

it took me a while to feel comfortable talking to the world, while at the same time thinking no-one was reading! it can take a while to find your blog voice...or something!

thanks so much for your comments, you must have found me through the treasury. lovely work.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have to say some days I feel more comfortable with blogging than others. Some day's I have lots to say other day's its a struggle. One thing for sure, blogging is addictive!!!

Gill from the west of the lovely city of Toronto.