It seems that everyone's number one way of being earth-friendly these days is taming the evil plastic bag.

So, our consumerism is encouraged, we stock our environment friendly Walmart tote* to the max with stuff produced in sweatshops and packaged in non-recyclable plastic, but it's okay because we're not using a plastic bag! What the? While our attention is focussed on things like plastic bags, "big business" continues to commit terrible environmental atrocities on a daily basis, how convenient.

Here's someone else (Joshua Allen -- street artist) 'taming the bag' but in a most ingenious way.

* yes, Walmart has jumped on the green bandwagon and it now produces it's own "earth friendly" tote. Can you imagine?

Thanks, Heather for showing me this!


littlebird said...

thank you so much : )
am really lookin forward to receiving the lovely print and will send you an image of it framed up.

Great blog!

zukzuk said...

Well, hello, hello! someone besides my mum reads this blog! groovy.

sarah shepherd said...

I reckon you're right about this 'environmentally friendly' tote business ... I can't see how copious amounts of cotton bags are going to help our planet either.

Perhaps we internet retailers need to invent a virtual shopping bag ... the ultimate in environmentally friendly ... just make sure no one prints it out!

zukzuk said...

thanks for your thoughts sarah and i didn't mean to sound like i was down on totes -- totes are cool! you in particular have a delightful range of totes. totes from walmart or zellers on the other hand...