Kai Schilders, you won yourself a limited edition print of "Neptune's Party," Congrats! Again, thanks to everyone who played and good luck for January's GIVEAWAY which should be along shortly...

I hope everyone had a reasonable time over t
he holidays. I know it can be a fabulous or so-so time depending on a number of variables. I spent it in a hotel in Niagara Falls which was was curious yet enjoyable. Slightly atypical Christmases are pretty standard in my family, Christmases past on a boat in the middle of a small lake and in a garage with grandma blindfolded, dangerously swinging a stick at a piƱata spring to mind.

This year Santa was discerning enough to
bring a most excellent gift for my son, Marc Boutavant's latest book, Mouk. The illustrations are killer. Really lush colours and so much to keep the eyes busy. In some ways they remind me of beloved illustrator Richard Scarry.

Kai Schilders, I need your contact details! Email me so I can send you your print! Happy 2010 everyone.


Rosemoo said...

I love Marc Boutavant! He's so wonderful! :D

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Oh, this looks gorgeous, look at all that detail! I'll have to go in search. Thanks for the tip and Happy New Year Helen. x

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

Love this book, got it for my kids... so cute!