At the moment I'm encouraging myself to learn to sew by surrounding myself with sewing supplies and gorgeous fabrics. Think that might work? I've been a huge fan of Anna Maria Horner fabric for quite some time and finally got my hands on my own little pile of fat quarters (love that sewing term) in some very gay hues. Also added some assorted buttons from Etsy seller Kellwood though I think my primary motivation in this case might have been to introduce my boy to the joy of buttons. Like everyone, I loved playing with my mum's button collection!

The fantastic quilted blanket is from Etsian RaggedyOwl, very good for picnics in the garden and hiding under in the living room.

These pennants from Adorablefiend are awesome and are the inspiration for my first ever sewing project! I wonder what mine will turn out like?? Yikes!

Does anyone sew out there? Any tips for someone embarking on finding the bestest, most inexpensive sewing machine suitable for a person who hasn't sewn since high school?

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raining sheep said...

Helen, what awesome fabrics. Of course you know I am drooling. I need to get back to sewing. Calgary has the worst selection of fabric stores...I think there is only one good one and it is more for quilting fabrics.

Anna Lloyd said...

They all look like fun. I have posted my pattern for a banner if you're interested.


Rosemoo said...

I suggest a Bernina. But those are expensive. I hate the 'Brother' machines. They work but they're evil. I myself have a hand-me-down Singer machine from the 70's. The nice thing is that they're easy to repair. The sad thing is that they need consistent repair.


Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Hiya Helen, good for you giving sewing a whirl. Those fabrics are gorgeous and the colours will always make for great party atmos.
I've always wanted to make my two girls a quilt each as a kinda heirloom thing... but ask me how much experience I have... zilch, zip, nadda!! Still, you have to start somewhere : )

littlebird said...

i have very fond memories of playing with my mum's button collection as a child. My brothe rand sister and i would play at trading the the "boring" brown, black and white ones for the exciting patterned and brightly coloured ones. 2 browns a big black and one small white = 2 green and a red, don't ya know.

; ) Hope you are well,
love Jen

(your word verification was crapap, which makes me giggle, small things amuse fools and children, i know!)