I Run to You - Limited Edition Print
(This will be available in 2 sizes at some point in the nearish future).

Bear Hug - Limited edition print

Hello there! I think it's time for the GIVEAWAY draw!!

The winner of the peacock print, in this case a white one, is: Frizz!

Congratulations Tricia Tharp a.k.a Frizz, I hope you like your new boyos.

I'd really like to send prints to everyone!! This giveaway business is hard! If it is any consolation, there will be another GIVEAWAY in October and hey, that's just around the corner. Hasn't this year just blown by? Whoosh.

It really is a lovely treat to hear from you all and your interest in my work makes me feel very honoured, thank you.

Happy vibes for a great week to all!


thetinylittlegirl said...

oh i love this new print! would be a great gift for my mum ;-)

gnomeangel said...

i'm loving "i run to you" - such great colour work. love it!

i took my two birdies prints in to have matt boards cut for them today. the woman in the framing store fell in love with them. i passed on your details. i hope she gets in contact and buys some prints - more people need a little bit of zukzuk in their lives!

zime said...

Oh great new work!!! And congrats to Frizz... She deserve it for sure ;)
I really love your birds!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really envy how cohesive all your work is. this new print is just lovely!
as for my new painting which is slowly coming along, i don't know if it's a keep or sell. i've never tried to sell my work before, and have thought about going the etsy route but i don't even know how to start making prints of my work!

Julie Alvarez said...

Lucky Frizz!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I Love your bears...I'm so glad to see more of them!

littlebird said...

you're just making it harder for me to choose aren't you!!!!

Frizz said...


Frizz said...

Yippee!! I am so excited!! I can't wait to frame and hang your beautiful work. I can't thank you enough!!

Dada's place said...

I absolutely adore your bears, and the bear hug is just gorgeous! :) I LOVE the Martin's Chair Collection, too! I love your colours and the line work and hope I won't miss your next giveaway.

sol y sombra creations said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. My ulitmate dream is to tile my whole kitchen and bathroom...have done a little before..but right now in a rental:(
Your bears are so whimsical and loveable.
Bear hug is extremely sweet!

raining sheep said...

These prints just make me feel so happy Helen. I have had like the WORST week this week at work...it is so nice to see something fun and bright and joyful. I always love looking at your posts.

Lauren said...

I found your work on Etsy's front page and really enjoyed looking through your shop, and your blog is great as well. I love how unique and quirky (i love quirky) your work is. Would it be cool if I subscribed to your blog?