There's this great gal called Amy who has a great illustration blog called Pikaland and right now there is an interview there with little old me. Don't miss out! Check out all my dorky responses!! This doesn't happen every day!

If you're into free stuff, and I know you are, you'll definitely want to have a look at Pikalan
d. Amy collects all manner of illustrative goodness from a variety of artists each month and then just gives it away!

Her blog is very addictive because it is chock full of great illustration. She has a knack of finding and then showcasing interesting artistic talent and she manages to cover a range of styles which is nice.

... And while we are contemplating bloggy bountifulness, let me not miss an opportunity to remind you of my own small GIVEAWAY where you stand a pretty good chance of winning yourself a rather fetching (if I do say so myself) peacock print. Have a look at the post below.

So go... What are you still doing here? Go get your own Pikapackage!

LA la la la....


cindy said...

I really enjoyed the interview, I thought it was interesting to see the why side of what you create - no dorkiness there at all though perhaps I could see a little Homer resemblance, which is never a bad thing!

raining sheep said...

That was fun reading. Must tell I showed my mom your etsy store and she absolutely fell in love with the girl and birds print - don't know if I want to give up mine, so I may have to ger her one as she kept making me look up your store so she could look at it. The Zukzuk addiction must run in our family.