1. Manuela Valle said three store employees told her last week that H&M policy did not allow her to nurse her eight-week-old baby in the store because it might offend other customers.

2. Talk in Toronto of banning large children's strollers from public transit.

3. Conversation on the radio, topic "should children be allowed in art galleries?"

As a member of society and a mother I'm feeling a bit indignant. It's not that society has ever been particularly kidcentric or nurtured the needs of women and mothers/caregivers but if not now, then when? I mean, we've already got i-pods and a particle accelerator,* how much longer do we have to wait? What do we need to do as a society to help ourselves think more wholistically??

The Hadron Collider

Here's a quaint little picture I made. She looks like she's working pretty hard and has a lot on the go but I hope you'll also notice what a groovy getup she's got on and the fact that she likes to go against conventions and has painted her house pink.

Thanks mum.

* I have to confess, I think the particle accelerator is totally awesome and I have a picture of it on my wall.


cindy said...

I love the serene look on her face and the little boy doing boy stuff in the background, I can so relate.
Thank-you for your kind words too. I don't care I didn't win but I am working on some bribery for the name picker for the next round - he hee. I am just waiting for my bonus and I am going to get me one of those super cool bear prints.

mayaluna said...

How can there be any progress if we don't secure the rights of children and there caregivers? Your new print is stunning...love that mama and how mellow she is as she juggles babies, children and laundry. Maybe if I paint my house pink, I will find tranquility also!

raining sheep said...

I can't believe that. You know, I am wondering sometimes that in our selfish, self-massaging ego based society, children are becoming extinct. Children are our tomorrow and frankly nothing is better for our own development than having a child, having to nurture the child, sacrifice, and learn to unconditionally love this little human being. It is good for the soul. And you don't need anything in return - it's just wonderful that they are there with us. No children in art galleries - what kind of crap is that? Is art only for adults? How do they want to inspire future artists?

zukzuk said...

i really enjoyed your thoughts. thanks for sharing ladies, i couldn't agree more.

if only everyone could see how great and enjoyable an inclusive society can be. it's so important to keep trying to make a place for everyone in society be they ethnic minorities, disabled, elderly or our youth.

Julie Alvarez said...

I totally agree with you. Wise words.
And that drawing is gorgeous!

Blooming said...


Your indignation reminds me of the rage we felt at a Wellington cafe when we saw a sign that said corkage would be charged for breastfed babies. The waitress said it was true and a few days later it was reported in the newspaper. Hmmmppfff, never went there again.

You were on the front page this morning of etsy. :) :) congrats!