The Camping Trip Card by Screech Owl Design

I received an email from Kelly Lynn Jones of little paper planes today and it seems my prints arrived safe and sound. All I can say is, phewwww!! You send forth your babies in their thin armour of plastic and cardboard and you hope they'll be okay, it's always nice to hear they have arrived at their destinations intact. I guess it's good preparation for future adventures in parenting!

Storage 4 by Kelly Lynn Jones

Kelly is an amazing artist who does stuff like this:

The New Land by Kelly Lynn Jones

...and runs a swell little on-line store chock full of art, zines, jewellery, bags and accessories.

Things like these:

Cagefight Tote Bag by Drew Beckmeyer

The Hostage Print and The Whale Print by Gilbert Ford - these crack me up!

Cool zines like these:

Bear Zine 5 by Gemma Correll and Sheds Book by Analogue

...and art:

Rocky Mountains Drawing No. 1 Print by Jaime Derringer

Gordita by Esther Ramirez.

And in other news, tomorrow is the "BIG DAY"! I'll be drawing a name out of a hat-like thing to pick a winner of the Jelly Bean Birds print, will that name be yours?!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved the hair images - the hostage and the whale - made me laugh and then cringe to wonder what mine would fall under.

The rocky mountains print reminds me of the Federation Square in Melbourne.


(Hope that link works!)

Maggie said...

those gilbert for prints are a laugh, and that camping trip one is pretty sweet too.

zukzuk said...

ack, no gnomeangel, i couldn't get the link to work but that's what google is for!! and so yes, i see what you mean, there are certainly similarities!

raining sheep said...

Really cool artwork, she is so talented. As far as talent goes, you are the queen in my house. I am framing the bears this weekend. I love your prints so much!

zukzuk said...

you're so sweet rainingsheep, thanks!

Anonymous said...

ahhh google - where would we all be without google? probably on yahoo...